Instructions For Acne Or Other Skin Conditions

Each Morning and Evening:

STEP 1) Fill a 6 qt. plastic or glass bowl with quite warm water. About 103_F is best. Add 2 heaping Tablespoons salt (table or sea salt) then add Facial & Sinus Bath:

4 to 6 half droppers
(Note: dropper only fills half-way)

STEP 2) Stir with your toothbrush. (You’ll disinfect it too!)


STEP 3) While you’re waiting, cleanse the hands, face and any other affected areas, with the Healthwise Luxury Hand & Body soap. Be sure to pierce the soap with your fingernails to clean this germ laden area and use the anti-bacterial, antifungal sponge for your skin.

STEP 4) Take several deep breaths. Hold the last breath and lower your face about 1” into the solution. Relax! Stay submerged as long as possible. You may gently blow bubbles from your nose. Come up for air, repeat 3 to 5 times, then towel dry.

If other parts of your body are affected, dip these areas into the solution or get into the tub and sponge on or slowly pour the solution over these areas. Towel dry.